This old radio is in now in my possession. My grandpa Marthinus Johannes Steyn Jordaan (ref 5 241) probably bought this radio when he built his new farm house on Primgradia, Sterkstroom in 1951. I remember as child in the 1960’s that the radio was only switched on for special programmes like the daily news. The portrait of his horsemanship hung directly above the radio. The photo of the four generations had a prominent place in the foyer of the house. Keep in mind that those days they were well equipped if your house had 32 volt electricity from batteries charged during the day at first by wind and later a engine that charged the batteries Grandpa’s father Jan Hendrik was a big supporter of the then president of The Republic of Orange Free State and hence the start of a new tradition where grandpa Marthinus Johannes had a third name added Steyn. Our son is presently the third generation with this naming tradition.
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From left to right :
Jan Hendrik Jordaan (10.7.1877 – 15.01.1958) Jan Hendrik Jordaan ( 8.11.1928 - 13.12.1980) standing Marthinus Johannes Steyn Jordaan (14 .4.1901 – 1.6.1970) Marthinus Johannes Steyn Jordaan (1955- )
Amanda Strydom
Gé Korsten
Analie van Rooyen
The Hands of Man
Chris de Burgh
Deur die Straits
Johnny Jordaan
Die Skaapwagter
Randall Wicomb
Pa en Seun
Live at the Sun Arena
Piet Botha
The River Jordan
Lindsay Lou and the
Theuns Jordaan
Tougher Than The
Theuns Jordaan
Theuns Jordaan