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The 2nd edition of the Jourdan /Jordaan register in Legacy was published in April 2022. The register consists of 4 volumes totaling 20 books of +/- 7000 pages. The number of names in the new 2nd edition register is 66 078 compared to the 33 028 names in the original 1st edition.

Our ancestor was Jean Jourdan who had five children with his wife. Three of the five children have had Jourdan / Jordaan descendants.
Volume I (1 book) in colour or black and white includes the register from Adam and Eve until Jourdan and some historical components.
Volume IV (8 books) is the register of the descendants of Louis
Volume II (8 books) is the register of the descendants of Jan
Volume III (2 books) is the register of the descendants of Paul
Complete set with author Dr MJS JORDAAN
How do I get the book ?
In printed format

Should you only be interested in your blood line contact Dr Marthinus Jordaan at navorsing@mjsjordaan.co.za  to make sure from which of the three descendants you stem. Volume I and your specific volume (II, III or IV) would be a good start.
In electronic format

Simply visit any of the url addresses below and follow the instructions